Posted by Kevin Su on Feb 26, 2019
Tuesday, Feb 26, 2019, Somerville Rotary had the pleasure of having Jessica Brayden, CEO of RESPONDInc. of Somerville and our keynote speaker of the day, Eliza Hopkins, Cooridinator of Community Intervention and Education Programs at RESPONDInc. to speak to Somerville Rotary about Teen Dating Violence (TDV) Awareness Month and what RESPONDInc is currently doing in our community. Eliza spends her day educating kids at the elemtary and at high school levels about the signs and ways of prevent TDV. It’s not an easy task giving the age ranges Eliza covers and Eliza deserves to be recognized for this! Thank you Eliza Hopkins and RESPONDInc. for speaking to Somerville Rotary!